River Padma from Kushtia district

river padma, kushtia, kumarkhali
This boat is taking passengers to Pabna district.

Padma is a giant river from Bangladesh. This river is flowing beside several districts in Bangladesh like Rajshahi, Pabna, Kushtia, Faridpur, etc. Since I was in Kushtia and the river was just few kilometers from the Kuthibari Mela, that's why I didn't miss the chance to visit the river again. After the first phase of the Mela at Kuthibari of Shilaidaho, I have visited the river Padma. And then returned back to the Mela area for second phase.

river padma, kushtia, kumarkhali
These are the fishing boat the fishermen take during fishing in river Padma.

It took only 5 Taka fare of three-wheeler van ride to reach near the river bank of the Padma. It was during the month of May, at the peak of the summer. The river was very calm and lacked of water. In fact at the middle of the river it had several submerged islands which created due to lack of flow in dry season. Other side of the river is Pabna district. There were several boats at the bank of the river which would sail for that in shortly.

river padma, kushtia, kumarkhali

Lot of fishing boats were moving in the river to catch fish. This river is famous for the national fish Ilish. Although it in current days it is rare to catch Ilish in river Padma. During the dry season this river lost its beauty as well as strength. But still it's wide enough but there are noticeable number of islands under the water can easily be seen where people were standing.

river padma, kushtia, kumarkhali

There were a lot of people at the bank of the river for the afternoon shower. The bank was a straight one like a mini beach. Only thing was missing the waves. I had a short swim and bath in the river there. The water was very shallow there. Water level went barely above my chest height. After a long day of hot summer it was really a nice experience to do swimming in a river. Although during rainy season I wouldn't dare to do that in the same river as it would be much ferocious that time.

river padma, kushtia, kumarkhali
People are taking bath at the bank of river Padma.

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Saturday, 8th May 2010