Exploring Jugia Tati Para - Kushtia

handloom, gamcha, lungi, kushtia, jugia

In Bangladesh we have several districts which are famous for producing cloths using handlooms. Kushtia is one of those. This district is famous for producing finely knitted Gamchha, Lungi, and Shari using handlooms. Jugia is a village near from the Kushtia town which still has several families are using handloom to produce cloths. This unique craft work is dimnishing after having a vie with the mechanical industries. That's why wanted to visit how they do it before it vanishes for ever.

handloom, gamcha, lungi, kushtia, jugia
A woman is weaving Lungi using her handloom.

After returning from the Jhaudia Shahi Mosque, I was almost at the end of my tour. I had to catch the bus for Dhaka which was 4:00pm in afternoon, and it was 1:00pm in afternoon. So I've decided to pass the time around at the Jugia Tat Polli (also known as Jugia Tat Palli, or Karigor para), where the villagers use to make Gamchha (kind of towel), Lungi, etc using the handlooms.

handloom, gamcha, lungi, kushtia, jugia
Another woman is weaving a Gamchha.

How to go there

The village name is Jugia. It took around 20 Taka van fare (a three wheeler similar to rickshaw) from the Mojompur bus station. It took around 20-30 minutes to reach that village. The villagers were interested to know why I was there. I've explained them about my purpose of visit. They were really surprised and happy to know that someone could come to their village to see this.

handloom, gamcha, lungi, kushtia, jugia

So they've asked a local boy named Dulal to help me to visit the local houses who were making Gamchha and cloths using handlooms. That boy was really cleaver and awesome. He helped me to enter inside the houses where women were working with the handlooms. Otherwise it would have been hard to enter any houses, specially where the village women are working. It was really a nice experience to see how people are weaving the cloths using a handloom. It takes labour and patience to do the work. Both male and female do the weaving whenever they get a chance.

I have bought several pieces of freshly made Gamchha from the local people for me and my friends. It was a nice experience to watch how they were doing this. Believe me, it's really a hard working job, and for this they do not get paid that much. The invention of mechanical industries just put a slap over them. That's why now a days the number of people who are working with handlooms are shrinking.

Jugia Tati Para (Jugia Tat Palli),
Village: Jugia,
District: Kushtia,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS Coordinate (23°55'53.8"N, 89°06'12.3"E).

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Sunday, 9th may 2010


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