Sunrise over river Gorai - Kushtia

Gorai river

I was in Kushtia to Celebrate the birthday (25th Boishakh) of our world famous poet Rabindranath Thakur. It was his 149th birthday. When the bus stopped at Mazampur bus stand it was 4:00am in morning. And I had already a plan to view the sunrise over the river Gorai.

Gorai river
It was not the greatest sunrise, but I was happy with it.

Sunrise time at 5:15am. So taking about half an hour rest I have reached at the Gorai river bank before 5:00am. I have selected the area around Chad Mohammad Road Ghat near the Thana Para. There is a pool made from bamboos were standing still over the river. I took my place at the middle of the river and i was facing towards the eastern side so that i could easily enjoy the beauty of the sun rise.

Gorai river
The water level of the Gorai was very low and anyone could walk at the middle of the river.

Due to the dry season, the water level was really low once again in river Gorai. Thats why the people were easily able to use the pool. Otherwise you would have no other option to use the boats from kheya ghat. It took one Taka for each person to cross the pool as it was made by the help of local people.

Gorai river
Even in dry season the river has some level of water.

Hundreds of people were crossing the river using that bamboo pool within an hour. Even before the sun rise people were crossing from the eastern bank (village) to the western bank (town) to join their daily work, or for searching the work. It was a nice view cause the school boys and girls are wearing uniform and started walking for their school. Some people from different organization were wearing their uniform. Others were colorful dress.

Gorai river
An enthusiastic guy is busy with collecting fish from his net.

I found a local guy was setting his net over the river so that he could collect some handful amount of fishes before the sun rise. When the sun was rising that energetic guy was almost finished to collect his net from the river and he was busy to gather the fish. His smile from his face was spreading wide along with the sun rise cause he has gotten the fish that he expected.

Gorai river
Local people are crossing the bamboo bridge.

There was a small amount of cloud in the sky, and also last night it had a rain. I think thats why I didn't get the full beauty of the sunrise. But whatever, this is my first time to enjoy the sunrise over a river. I loved the river Gorai, and the morning was awesome. I was happy to carry the memory of that morning for many years.

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Sunday, 08th May 2010


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