Bangshi River near Dhamrai

Bangshi River

River Bangshi (Bongshi) is another misfortune river from Bangladesh which originated inside Bangladesh (from the Old Brahamaputra river) and falls into another great river named Dhaleswari. As we are not taking any care for the river it is now a days very polluted and hardly contains any ecosystem. Government trying to revive the river recently but the initiative is not adequate.

Bangshi River

I went to the Pohela Boishakh festival at Dhamrai. During my visit I took a rickshaw, and started to explore the village. A few kilometers west from the Dhamrai bazar I found a river beside the road which is known as Bangshi. It was totally covered by the millions of water hyacinths. There was no flow at the river. At first look you'd feel like it as a stagnant canal.

Bangshi River

The color of the water is kind of blackish. It can be due to the water hyacinths, or due to the waste dumping from the nearby factories. Whatever the case is, I didn't show any audacity to touch the water (I guess no one would!). It can't be a fate of a river. We need to make this Bangshi river alive again.

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Wednesday, 14th February 2010