River Karnafuli and Zoom Restaurant

Karnafuli river

Chittagong is a nice place to travel. This district is blessed with the famous river Karnafuli. It has the vast ocean beside of it. And of course the hills of Chittagong are very picturesque. As a part of our Chittagong tour, me and friends of mine went to visit Karnafuli river. There is a restaurant called Zoom, just beside the Chittagong-Kaptai road. This restaurant is monitored and managed by the BDR (recent days BGB). It's a nice picnic spot. That day I found lot of students from Rangamati came there as a part of their study tour.

River Karnafuli

From the spot you can enjoy the panoramic view over the river Karnafuli. This river is flowing nicely, always full with water, whether it's dry season or rainy. Both sides of the river has small hills, and which is rich with various kind of deciduous trees. As I was there at dry season I found most of the trees were having no leafs. It's a different kind of beauty. No sign of life, but it's still looking charming.

There are several boats at the river, you can have a boat ride using those. Those are a bit costly, but you know you have to spend some money when you wanna enjoy beauty. I think they authority can ease about the costing of boat hiring. That would make life much easier for a budget traveler like me.

River Karnafuli

I always love to swim in river, but I didn't see any people in the river were swimming. Wasn't sure whether it was permitted to swim on that particular area or not. So I could dare myself to show some courage to jump inside that river.

River Karnafuli

River Karnafuli

River Karnafuli

River Karnafuli

River Karnafuli
These girls came from Rangamati as a part of their study tour.

River Karnafuli
This signboard says the stairway to heaven.

And here is where it leads you. Top of a hillock.

Zoom restaurant in google map.

River Karnafuli, and Zoom Restaurant,
Chittagong-Kaptai road,
District: Chittagong,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS Coordinate (22.5068863, 92.1456922)

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Saturday, 27th March 2010