Old Railway Station - Chittagong

chittagong, old railway, station
Photo of the station building taken from the road.

Chittagong has two railway station terminals. One is new, and another one is old which was built during the British period. There is a main road beside the terminal which is known as station road. This old railway station terminal is very near from the hotel Golden Inn (where I use to stay during my Chittagong visit). Basically it's not a tourist place. But I couldn't resist myself to explore this place as I used to walk beside the road very often. Also its old red structure lured me to visit the station.

chittagong, old railway, station
The courtyard of the station building.

This station is not functional for the long distance journey. Some local trains take a stoppage here. Also some goods carrying trains use to upload and download their goods at this station.

chittagong, old railway, station
An old fashioned cabin of Yard Master.

As this is an old one you'd find this place is less crowed, and no chaos at all. Even if a pin gets dropped here you should hear it. It will only take 10-15 minutes to visit the place. Everything is so old fashioned inside that would take you several decades back like a time machine!

chittagong, old railway, station

Old Railway Station - Chittagong

Chittagong Old Railway Station Terminal in google map.

Old Railway Station Terminal,
District: Chittagong,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS Coordinate (22.3337644, 91.8246205)

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Saturday, 27th March 2010