Foy's lake & Sea world - Chittagong

Foys lake chittagong

Foy's lake is located at Chittagong. It was created in 1924. It was made using a stream to reserve water so that near by people could access it. I have heard about its beauty from my friends. Most of them have visited that place many years back (may be 15/20 yrs). But for me, I didn't find the lake as beautiful as I've heard from my friends. May be it was hot summer. Also the water level of the lake went down. May be rainy season would have been a better deal for the visit.

Foys lake chittagong

The entry fee for the lake is 150 take. I didn't like the idea of ticketing system as it was maintained by private profitable organization. Also the economy of Bangladesh is not that much developed. Considering the overall population the ticket price is a little bit high (specially when you find the area is not well managed). It could have been the like visiting the lake is free but accessing the amusement park and sea world you'd need a ticket.

foy's lake - Chittagong

The lake has few boats which you could rent to explore the lake. We didn't use the boat as the price was a bit high compare to our budget. Also we were expecting to have a boat ride towards the Sea world. That is also a kind of boat riding. That's why we didn't hire any other boat. But a boat would be a nice idea to explore the Foy's lake.

foy's lake - Chittagong

There is a sea world at the other corner of the lake. You have to go there using a boat. There is a virtual Wave pool there but the water was too dirty. I think the authority needs to take care about this issue. There were few other rides in Sea world of Foy's lake. I've liked few of them as I've never did something like before. Also I liked the locker rooms as well. We've put our belongings inside the locker. This Sea world would be a nice place for family day trip. Specially for the kids.

foy's lake - Chittagong

Foy's lake sea world.

Can't remember but may be people can stay there.

A ride from foy's lake amusement park.

Some murals beside the Foy's lake.

Foys lake chittagong
Small hillock beside the Foy's lake.

Foys lake chittagong

Family pool in Sea world.

I've liked this ride. Although was a bit of scary.

Foy's lake & Sea world,
District: Chittagong,
Division: Chittagong,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (22.3758573,91.78758)

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Saturday, 27th March 2010


  1. As a Chittagonian, I truly agree with u that there is no reason to take 150 tk to visit a lake. it should b open for all.


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