Shoilo propat gives a taste of a waterfall

bandarban, shailapropat

Bandarban is a hilly district from Bangladesh is blessed with lot of small waterfalls, water streams, and hills. Most of the waterfalls are located inside the hills which is slightly far form the main town. There is a small water stream available near the town with having a mini shape of waterfall. The name of the place is Shoilo propat (which can be written as Shoilopropat as well).

bandarban, Shoilo propat, waterfalls, bangladesh

Shoilo propat is just 4-5 kilometers apart from the Bandarban town. This is just beside the road, and it's an attractive tourist spot amongst the visitors of Bandarban (specially who are doing family trip). Around the spot there are several local shops where you can buy local crafts like shawl, wooden crafts, and many more things.

bandarban, Shoilo propat, waterfalls, bangladesh

Shoilo propat is an attraction for mini water stream, which is surrounded by hills and forest. Be careful while you go to Shoilo propat. The rocky area can be very slippery. It has a very good chance to slip and make an accident if you are not careful (specially during rainy season). Walking over the rocks with barefoot can be risky when your feet are wet.

bandarban, Shoilo propat, waterfalls, bangladesh

The water of the stream is cold regardless the season. This is possibly for the rocks. It uses to make the water cold. You'd feel like heaven when you put your feet into the water of the stream. Local people use to have their bath at the water of the stream (locally which is known as Jhiri).

bandarban, Shoilo propat, waterfalls, bangladesh

You'll find several iron made bridges at the vicinity of the Shoilo propat. If you have more time you can go to the bridge and have a view of the mini waterfall from the far sight. Also the authority have made a view point at the spot, you can enjoy the fall's beauty from there (specially in rainy season).

Shoilo propat,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (22°09'03.2"N, 92°12'59.5"E).

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Friday, 6th November 2009