Chimbuk Hill in Bandarban

I have heard about Chimbuk before. When people makes a single day tour at Bandarban they'd like to keep this place on their visiting list. I think once upon a time it was a nice place for the tourist. There is a rest house at the top of the hill. If you have proper permission, you can stay their and pass your night. The night from Chimbuk hill is really nice.

chimbuk hills, bandarban, bangladesh

In Chimbuk there is a fair amount of chance to see the clouds are playing around you. In afternoon you might see some clouds too. But I was there at noon under the sun when it was at the middle of the sky. So it was hard to find any clouds there. Also it was when I was returning back form the Nilgiri (that was an excellent place). It is really difficult to like Chimbuk after visiting Nilgiri (so visit this place first).

In Chimuk you can go to the nearly tribal villages. You can learn the lifestyle of the tribal people. It will be a nice experience of your life if you could do so. Believe me, the people of Bandarban are really frank and friendly. You'll simply love them, and so do they.

You can reach the Chimbuk hill using the Micro Bus, or any privately rental cars. You have to take permission from the Army or Police camp, but those are just for formalities. It will take around 1 to 1.5 hours (I guess, cause I forgot) to reach the Chimbuk hill from the town depending upon the weather.

Chimbuk hill,
Country: Bangladesh.
GPS coordinate (22°03'26.6"N, 92°16'20.6"E).

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Friday, 6th November 2009